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Annual Award for Excellence in Applied Text Analytics

There are plenty of Awards in Market Research, our favorite of course being the Next Gen Market Research Award, but most of these go to supplier research firms. That’s why when Bob Lederer of Research Business Report reached out to us about a Client Side only research award across a wide range of methodologies we thought it was a wonderful idea.

RFL Communications (Research Business Report) has selected the top firms across each of several emerging marketing research methodologies. Each of these firms then select one of their clients whom over the past 12 months have exhibited the best use of the methodology.

We were honored to have Anderson Analytics’ OdinText software selected as the leader in the text analytics field for marketing research. Now it’s always difficult to select just one winner of an annual award, especially when there are so many good candidates. However, for OdinText’s 2014 client of the year it’s hard to argue that anyone else deserves to be recognized more than Shell Oil’s team at Jiffy Lube.

Below in Research Business DAILY Report this week, RBDR announced the winner in the Text Analytics category.


There will be a followup interview with the winner in the RBDR Newsletter. However I can tell you that Shell is receiving the inaugural OdinText award for Excellence in Applied Text Analytics for their continued efforts in leveraging OdinText analytics to predict customer behavior, offer better products and services, as well as their generosity in sharing select research best practices with the greater market research community. Some of this work has covered in Advertising Age, and also shared with researchers at The Marketing Research Event as well as The American Marketing Association’s Annual Analytics Conference (those interested can request a case study write up here).

RBDR will be announcing client awards across several additional market research methodologies during the next few days. Yesterday Acupoll announces the winner in the Qual/Quant category, who recognized Geometry Global in their work with Walmart:


We look forward to seeing the rest of the client side winners across these interesting methodologies.

Congratulations Shell/Jiffy Lube and Geometry Global/Walmart!

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