What is Next GenerationText Analytics?

Text Analytics involves turning unstructured text data into structured
quantitative data so that advanced statistics and other machine learning
techniques may be applied to find patterns and discover important

What makes OdinText so unique?

Initially developed by Anderson Analytics, the pioneers of text analytics in
the market research industry, OdinText is a Next Generation Text Analytics
SaaS developed specifically for the consumer insights analyst. Now you too
can use OdinText to analyze almost any data!

What are the basic steps involved?

OdinText uses a new patented approach structure and quantify not just
text data, but mixed structured and unstructured data. i.e. OdinText doesn’t
need to rely simply on linguistic sentiment which is often inaccurate due to
exceptions to grammatical rules, slang etc., but also leverages accompanying
structured data such as satisfaction likert scales, actual dollars spent
etc. to understand customers.

Other than verbatim concepts, andsentiment OdinText can also identify
and track various emotions. Depending on the data various psychological
attributes such as “anger”, “fear”, “trust” etc. can be used to better understand
customer concerns.

What is the output?

OdinText helps you visualize your data in tables and charts including more
advanced co-occurrence web charts. You will NEVER see a “word cloud” in
OdinText as we have found these to be completely meaningless. You can
easily drill down to the actual record level from anywhere in OdinText, and
any tables can be exported into excel at the click of a button.

How is it used?

OdinText is used to understand what different segments of customers are
talking about as well as how this is changing over time. OdinText makes it
easy to understand what is driving various outcomes by allowing you to
understand what drives various target variables such as customer satisfaction,
up or down and by how much.

Become a data scientist today!

Contact us today to find out just how powerful and easy to use OdinText is.