Next Generation
Text Analtyics Software

The most powerful text analytics software is also the most intuitive.

OdinText makes data science simple – and actionable!

Built by researchers for researchers, OdinText’s patented approach does what no other text analytics software does: it goes beyond first generation software, pulling in any and all structured data for additional context and understanding.

True Text Mining from the
Leaders of Applied Text Analytics

Not just another social media monitoring tool OdinText helps you understand all sorts of data:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Attitude & Usage and Concept Test Results
  • Copy and Ad Testing Results
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Bulletin Board Discussions and Ratings
  • Website Satisfaction Metrics
  • News stories and other articles
  • 800# call center logs
  • Customer Emails
  • Tweets, blog and other available social data

Gaining The Information Advantage

Loved and trusted by those who understand the true value of analytics. OdinText offers it’s users a true information advantage over their competition, and is the text analytics choice, among both suppliers and clients, in most industries. While the biggest brands rely on OdinText, the combined power, ease of use, and competive pricing makes it a favorite regardless of company size.



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